CloudChamber / Bruce & Sam viewed through tube, (C) foto: anja hinrichsin
© foto: anja hinrichsin

For over 20 years Bruce Odland and Sam Auinger (O+A) have had a transatlantic collaboration making installations that change the way we hear, re-connecting us to our environment. They are composers and philosophers of modern life who think with their ears. They have developed a :Hearing Perspective on our visually insane culture.


Partial Listing of works
HIVE, 2001,Wien Modern Festival
BOX30/70, 2001, Witten, Rotterdam, Berlin, Düsseldorf, Dresden ,Vienna
POOL, 2001, Berlin
MOTET R, 1999, Berlin
Harmonic Bridge, 1999...MASSMoCA
HIVE, 1998, Miami
Cloud Chamber, 1997, NYC
Balance, 1996, Berlin, Sonambiente Festival
MaxRes , 1995, Linz
R3, 1992, Hannover
Lost Neighborhood, 1993, Berlin
Traffic Mantra, 1991, Rome
StadTraum, 1991, Salzburg
Garden of Time-Dreaming, 1990, Linz


Bruce Odland
Sam Auinger
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