HIVE NYC, 1997

O+A create a performance event by scratching the cultural waveform live, extracting sound and video from the city in realtime, surfing its rhythms and colors-revealing the music of the human hive.

HIVE MUSIC began as an installation called CLOUD CHAMBER at The Kitchen in NYC, 1997. It was there that Bruce Odland and Sam Auinger first played a city’s resonance as a musical instrument and realized that they were hearing a new kind of muic, a music of cultural listening predicted by John Cage, a music generated by the sounds of the economy, MUSIC OF THE HUMAN HIVE.

"Ours is not a dance about honey ... we're hearing the money dance, the sound of cash flow as it generates the industrial age soundscape, the sound of the symphonic human swarm: HIVE MUSIC. Stop lights- go lights- swimming overtone clusters as Mazda passes Volvo passes Ford passes Chevy. Low digeridu drones of the idling bus. Rush hour raves. Midnight motorcycle ragas. The incredible violence and variety of fossil-fueled economy baffles the brain when heard unfiltered, but heard through our information age processing it's THE MUSIC OF THE HUMAN HIVE." Bruce Odland